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Private Dog Training

  Please contact Karen at
to schedule an appointment

My intent is always to balance, enhance and strengthen your relationship with your dog.

Regardless of whether you have a new puppy, older untrained dog, rescue dog or a dog with serious behavior problems, I can help you with your dog. 

Using positive reinforcement modification techniques, I will teach you to manage your dog safely while I teach and instruct you to replace the bad moments of behavior with good moments of behavior from your dog.
 I will explain and demonstrate and give you experienced, humane techniques to start building  foundation behaviors for pups/dogs starting as early as 8 weeks of age.
                                                       A $100 deposit is required at time of booking appointment. 
      An invoice will be generated and emailed to you with a link to pay by credit card. 
                                      Cancellation and rescheduling policy for all private appointments:
A $50 charge for all missed or rescheduled appointments without 24 hour notice.

Behavior Consult/Evaluation 2 hours $299

Every 15 minute over the 2 hours will be charged at $40

Subsequent Behavior Modification Sessions

if purchased at Evaluation and 1st appt booked within 14 days of eval then pkg Four sessions 60 minute ea $500____

Additional Behavior Mod sessions can be purchased w/in 30 days of last pkg session for $440/four 60 min sessions


 Puppy Primer Pkg (pups under 16 wks) private six 60 min sessions $579

         at your home or at the training center located at  275 Oak St Pembroke MA           
                                          If you wish to purchase sessions individually rather than in a package the fee is
                                          Pups under 16 wks private sessions $110/hr  $25/15 min additional over the hr                                       
                     Adolescent Behavior Pkg Private (dogs over 16 wks) 5 sessions $669
  First session 90 minutes then the subsequent sessions 60 minutes 
  Additional pkg can be purchased at $400/4 one hr sessions if purchased within 45 days of last session 
If you wish to not purchase a package the fee is                                                     
              Dogs over  16 wks Individual in home session(s) $135/ hr  $30/15min additional over the hr.    
                                                                REACTIVE Rover (dog to dog behavior issues ) private session
                                              4 private sessions (1st is 90 minutes-subsequent 60 min)  The fee is $575
   Family Paws Parent Education Sessions
                                     Dogs and Storks/Babies & Dogs & Toddlers
                                             Private in your home
                                                                 Initial session $179 /90 minute   
                Karen also offers group class  
Dogs & Babies or Dogs & Toddlers Presentations
        at your facility or at her location in Pembroke
     (pricing varies by number of attendees

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