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Puppy Manners (pups 16-24 weeks of age) $239

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Puppy Manners (pups 16-24 weeks of age) $239

This is a modified Puppy Kindergarten/Good Manners training class for pups who just missed the age requirements to attend our Puppy Kindergarten class.

*Recommended for puppies 16-24+ weeks/4-6 months of age.
**This is not a puppy socialization class - socialization exercises are not covered in this class.
***Puppy play may or may not be involved in this class, based on trainer discretion based on individual pups in the class.


This class is 8 weeks -   an hour per week. Cost is $239. Week one is an Orientation Class with NO PUPS! We will discuss our training Tools for Success. Positive reinforcement and clicker training will be discussed. Vaccine history must be presented (minimum of Distemper, rabies, and negative fecal within the last 6 months). Bordetella or Kennel Cough vaccine is recommended. Each owner will be given an Instruction Manual or Syllabus, training clicker (use is optional), and treat pouch. We will demonstrate the types of training aids we recommend you use including the Freedom No-Pull Harness and the Comfort Trainer head halter. We can measure your dog at any point week 2-8 to make sure the equipment you choose will fit properly.

An explanation of "manage and/or train" methods of dealing with your puppy's first 18 months will help to solve problem behaviors such as jumping up, chewing, barking, house soiling, etc. Puppy management topics like settle exercises, play biting, bite inhibition training will be covered.

Weeks 2-8 will cover “click for calm”, incompatible behaviors, attention work including name game and eye contact, basic cues like sit, down, stand, touch, stay and recall. More complex behaviors like mat work, loose leash walking, greeting behaviors and impulse control behaviors like off, leave it and sit and stay for dinner are trained.

This is the beginning of training for your pup. It is recommended to follow up with Puppy Kindergarten level 2 OR Good Manners level 2 - the instructor of your Puppy Manners class can tell you which class would be better suited for your pup.

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